About Best Life Insurance Agent in India LIC

about kapil sharma LIC agent
about kapil sharma LIC agent

About Mr. Kapil Sharma, Life Insurance and Wealth Manager

My Name is Kapil Sharma. Hey Wait!!! Not that actor who brings laughter in our daily life with his show name THE KAPIL SHARMA SHOW.

So the Question is. Who am I?

My name is Kapil sharma, i bring joy and security to my clients with my Insurance policies and wealth management services. Many times i have been asked about a question. How do i Sell Insurance?
My answer would be “People buy people, not policies”. So i don’t sell any policies, People buy my nature, my honesty and my loyalty.

This may help clarify the doubts if any one has

Total number of policies disbursed are above 5000
Death Claims in last 20 years are 10, Thanks to god my relatives ( i refer my clients as my relatives and families ) have good living ration
Various Other Maturity claims are 200 policies, i.e at least 200 wonderful relatives of mine are benefited with my efforts.

I will continue growing my family till the period i don’t retire, which i am not going to.

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